oh omegle

jadi gue lagi bosen dan iseng gue kembali mencoba membuka omegle.com untuk iseng eh baru kali ini loh gue chat sm stranger lama hahaha walaupun agak ngaco juga tapi jadi curhat gitu

Stranger: hi
You: hi darl
Stranger: you girl? or boy?
You: girl
You: you?
Stranger: then you can be my darling :)
You: sure
Stranger: boy
Stranger: i've wondered that myself too
Stranger: my heart is broken
Stranger: can you heal it... please ;)
You: oh i hope i will
You: because im brokenheart too
You: i need boy
Stranger: then theres two of us
You: yes just the two of us
You: we can make it if we try
Stranger: i warn you, im very annoying
Stranger: but i want to change!
Stranger: what broke your heart?
You: i want have boyfriend but i dont have till now (buset curhat)
You: im so pathetic
Stranger: im too
Stranger: no self-esteem, no trust...
Stranger: and i have to eat those damn pills to keep my head at least workable
Stranger: im so badly depressed
You: ouh
You: what pills?
Stranger: for relax and for psycosis and for depression
Stranger: im totally humanwaste
Stranger: i've even planned suicide
You: please dont
Stranger: tried it few times too
You: suicide is not good
You: okay
You: honestly me too
You: but im not try it
You: i only feel want to suicide
Stranger: thats serious
Stranger: if you even think about it
You: why you try to suicide?
Stranger: there were no hope left
Stranger: and i felt so bad
You: yes i know
Stranger: have you been to doctor for those thoughts?
You: maybe i can feel it
You: no
Stranger: are you depressed?
You: i just feel everything getting disorder (plis ini gue nggak tau susunan bahasanya)
Stranger: it started that way with me
You: but when i think to try suicide i remember my god my family and my friends
Stranger: are you with faith?
You: yes
You: and im faithful (ciyeeeeeeeeee)
Stranger: but feel free to call for help if you think that you cant handle yourself
You: yes i will
Stranger: i want to cry
You: i hope i didnt take the wrong choice
Stranger: what you mean?
You: i mean for me
You: cryin is better and then you will feel free
You: but a problem still unfinished
Stranger: yes, thats the way it goes
Stranger: i hate to sleep alone
Stranger: but i always have to
Stranger: i just wish, that you will get better
You: thankyou
Stranger: and dont have to go deep enough to make scars to your mind
You: i hope so you too (ini lagi lagi ngaco)
Stranger: im listening my suicidesong
You: what song?
Stranger: my immortal...
You: i dont know that song
Stranger: ok
You: im sorry i can't make a advice for you
Stranger: thanks just for being there
You: youre welcome
Stranger: im lucky to meet you in here
You: im lucky to meet you too
You: :)

udah bagus bagus kayak begini eh jadi kayak begini

Stranger: just come to bed with me, dont make me sleep alone
Stranger: we can hold your hands untill we sleep...
You: im sorry i cant
Stranger: that would be too nice to be true
Stranger: i think this is the end
Stranger: when two strangers disappear
Stranger: and never meet again
You: yes
Stranger: it was nice to share time with you
Stranger: im sure you will find a boy who is so good for you (ouuu co cwiiiiiiiit)
You: aaaaaaaaaaaah thankyou
Stranger: thx, i will remember you
You: yes me too
Stranger: farewell
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

begitulah kisahnya. hmmmmmmmmm jadi saling curhat karna kendala bahasa yang emg gue kagak bisa bahasa inggris jadi begtulah agak ngaco aaaaaaaa tapi doi baik bgtt.
buat si stranger siapapun lo makasih bgt ya seperti kata lo "it was nice to share time with you" begitupun buat gue walaupun cuma share masalah doang tapi itu bikin lega juga kok i will remember you too :). jadi makaaaaaaaasih bgt yaaa



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